Lance Gilligan

A man with a particular set of skills


Weight: 159
Eyes: Blue

Lance is a man who many people know, love, and trust. He had a wife, who was killed. The man who killed her got the “electric chair”.

Contacts: Detective Greg Quin: Lance’s partner. Helps out with jobs. He is one of Lance’s best friends and they hang out every week or 2 weeks.

Therris Gilligan: Lance’s Daughter and someone that Lance loves dearly. They hang out about 1 once a month.

Maven Yarsen: Lance’s office manager/ assistant and the person that helps him with info and solving cases.


Lance has had a normal childhood. He got A’s and B’s in all of his classes and graduated high school with flying colors. Instead of going to college, like most of the other kids in his generation, he went to war. After this, Lance took a week to get over the war (over 20 years of being in some military before settling down and getting a job). Lance was a police officer for a few months before the police commissioner promoted him to detective.

After a few years of being a detective employed by the police department, Lance decided that in order to get better money, and have more jobs, he would have to work solo. He does so but occasionally gets odd ball jobs from the police department.

After doing a job at which he had to find a lost locket for a rich man’s daughter, Lance began to be attacked. Someone began to try to kill him, leech away his money from his account slowly, and just be a total nuisance.

Lance must now balance his life as a well known detective, with the cases that he gets, and with the personal problems that he has. Someone is going to pay.

Lance Gilligan

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