Marcus Weyer

Annoyed Mage


Race: Human
Age: 25
Weight: 170 lbs
Hair: Short Brown
Eyes: Brown

Marcus Weyer (a false name) is a polite, if a bit aloof shadowrunning Mage. He seems to have a particular fondness for books and other physical media and can usually be found perusing them when not actively engaged in any activities. Marcus is usually fairly well dressed but has a certain affectation for a western duster and a wide brimmed hat. Marcus is known to have a curious streak to his personality which has gotten him into trouble in the past.


Marcus is a local boy. He was born in northern Seattle and grew up fairly well off. His parents were both loving and did their best to support Marcus’ budding magical abilities. He attended University of Washington focusing on a Masters of Applied Thaumaturgy which he was unable to finish (He never did get around to much of the ritual and enchanting classes). HIs father had secured him an interview with Saeder-Krupp after his graduation and he seemed destined for a bright future. .

This charmed life came crashing down on a cold November day when he let his curiosity get the better of him. Many of the magical labs were off limits even to advanced students. Marcus saw something he shouldn’t have and he ran. He wasn’t fast enough and he couldn’t get his loved ones out in time. When they came, they killed his entire family. Marcus tried to fight and when that failed he tried to run.

He barely escaped, and it’s taken everything he had to set himself up in a new life. Now he has to turn to the shadows to make a living and hopefully extract some revenge when he can track down his family’s murderers. Marcus is intelligent and methodical. First he ran and hid, now he’s working on learning and figuring out who was after him and what they want. Revenge will come in it’s time.


Nathan M. (Lawyer) – Family friend and Lawyer, can’t really keep in contact due to fears for his safety but he did help Marcus disappear in the first place.

Arika B. (Fixer) – One of Marcus’s ex girlfriends. He didn’t believe her when she said she was from the streets but she’s been invaluable in showing him the ropes and showing him how to stay low.

The Quiet Man (Information Broker) – Marcus doesn’t actually “know” the Quiet Man. They occasionally talk via an old, hard-line telephone. The Quiet Man occasionally passes Marcus information about people trying to track him down and occasionally Marcus passes information about happenings in the Shadow community. The reason for the nickname is their bizarre little ritual. Whomever has nothing to pass will remain silent while the other talks and then they both hang up.

Marcus Weyer

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