Bastian Stannard

Callsign "Tower" have money? will smuggle


Age: late twenties
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 141lbs
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Brown
Race: Human

Walks with a slight limp due to gunshot wound in hip. No distinguishing tattoos or piercings. Has a Spanish accent. Half Mexican half Swiss-American.


Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Aztlan. Bastian was the middle child of 7 siblings and parents who made their living smuggling across the Aztlan/CAS border.Bastian learned early on the value of being able to cross borders unnoticed and began operating as both a coyote and drug mule, learning all the routes in the immediate area. Things went south fast after hooking up with a cartel that ran from El Paso to Spokane. Bastian operating under the fake SIN of Morgan Ramirez was caught in convoy with 2,000 pounds of methamphetamine along with other smugglers by Salish customs outside of Idaho falls. There was a shootout and the smugglers lost, badly. Bastian was sentenced to 10 years and spent that time in a Bellingham super max. Recently released from prison good behavior.

Bastian’s entire old gang had been wiped out or captured. The “trial” such as it was turned into an open and shut case. The cartel was not in a forgiving mood as the convoy cost millions of Nuyen. The survivors were to be made an example of. If it wasn’t for the intervention of Arthur Bishop, Bastian would have died in prison or the street. Realizing the current job market for an ex-con was not looking good, Bastian agreed to work for Bishop, that led to working with Weyer. Having a new purpose, wired with new rigging gear and starting to get in with a new crew, Bastian feels the tables have finally turned.

Bastian Stannard

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